Election to be Held for Empty Govt Seats

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After the unexpected news of the resignations of both Mayor Karn Nevelle and Councilwoman Inara Shen, a quick election to fill in those seats will be held February 10-12th. All interested parties may register themselves for election by February 3rd, filling out the following form and dropping it off to the Civil Services building at Main St/Hathian Hwy: ((Click here))

Wed February 3rd 8pm SLT – Deadline for election registration
Thurs February 4th 8am SLT – Candidates announced
Wed February 10th 8am SLT – Polls open for Voting
Fri February 12th 8pm SLT – Polls closed

The two winners will then be announced, with their induction shortly after so that they may join Councilwomen Perina McGinnis & Zipporah Caverly, immediately beginning their duties.

Good luck!

((Please keep in mind these roles have no OOC power, purely IC, and is not meant to be a job. Both roles are what you make of them! The RP itself isn’t quick – the council has thus far enacted two laws, with others being developed over time. If you have interest in the political side of Hathian, and are an active roleplayer in CD, consider running. Serious candidates only!

– Elected officials will be able to make municipal decisions, as long as they do not change established rules or make extra work for admin and staff, nor mess with the overall theme of the sim.
– Elected officials cannot make OOC decisions about other businesses or entities. There is no OOC power in this role.
– Questions? Contact Perina McGinnis!))

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