New Principal to Reform Seaside

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Zipporah Caverly, a mother of two young children and member of the city council, has recently been hired has the new principal of Seaside.

The school, which used to have a large facility, has fallen on rather rough times since Katrina, and is now in desperate need of reform.

“Seaside has the potential to be a great school, but its previous principals seemed to have neglected it,” says Caverly. “I’m looking forward to building up Seaside to what I think it can become.”

The new principal has a lot of work ahead of her though. She is looking for a handful of reliable staff to help her get things done, including teachers and counselors.

“I need help running a school, as much as I can get,” she admits. “I can’t run it all by myself.”

But once she gets some staff behind her, she has a lot of plans. Not only does she want to bring forth programs such as Family Night Out, but she also wants to create some sports teams. The optimistic principal does have one major challenge ahead of her; garnering the support of a rather lackadaisical community.

“My main concern is that the citizens of Hathian won’t really care, which is a shame because these kids are the future,” she states. “I really want the parents to get involved. So long as they are patient and understanding, I’m sure we can get a lot accomplished.”

Despite the hurdles ahead of her, Principal Caverly appears excited and ready to take on the challenge of fixing the broken school system and creating a brighter future for the little minds of Hathian.

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