Is The Mayor, City Council Doing Good Work?

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Mayor Karn Nevelle and his city council, including that of Perina McGinnis, Inara Shen, and Zipporah Caverly, have been in office for just over six months. Question is, have they used their time well?

The general tone on social media is that the mayor and his city council have been doing a fair job, despite the fact that most of their contributions are not publicly known. That, or citizens simply don’t care.

While some argue that they have little experience, one must remember former mayor Robert Boxer’s public record. Compared to his office, the current mayor and his staff are leaps and bounds ahead of him.

Among the notable contributions are the construction of a new pharmacy, a food drive, and the legalisation of marijuana, as well as other day to day work that often goes unseen.

Even though things are quiet when it comes to politics, it appears as though the recently elected officials are being well received. For a city like Hathian, that’s quite the achievement.

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