Special Thanks From Hathian Public Assistance and Welfare

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Hathian Public Assistance and Welfare would like to thank everyone who came out to the block party on Saturday. The turn out was pure amazing seeing everyone coming together for a great cause and we would especially like to thank Mayor Karn for his generous donation to the needy children and families in Hathian. We would also like to thank everyone else who donated as well and let you know that every time will be well spent on those in need!

A big thank you to the lovely DJ puddles for spinning those tunes for us and all the businesses who came together to provide food and drinks for the masses.

Remember if you are in need of assistance or in need of food come down to Hathian Public assistance and welfare and we will get you the help you need!

Open every day but Sunday! Donations also welcome! Drop them off at the office across from the clam! Donations can be anonymous or done in someones name!


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