Snuff Film Surfaces Online

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A graphic and disturbing video surfaced on YouTube and Twitter overnight, showcasing the brutal rapes and deaths of two unknown women.

The snuff film shows two men, who are currently unidentified, torturing and raping two unknown women with knives, guns, and even a chainsaw.

During the course of the video, one woman has a breast and foot cut off befote being sodomized with tge barrel of a gun, while the other is sexually assaulted with the sharp end of a knife before she is cut in half with a chainsaw.

Both men engaged in necrophilia with the bodies, even defiling the same body at one point, before one of the suspects rips the heart of one of the women out with his bare hands. This is where the footage ends.

Twitter has exploded in outrage and disgust over the film, some even questioning the apparent lack of police response to such a brutal and public act.

Anyone who finds and decides to watch the video should do so with extreme caution.

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