Tokers Rejoice! Hathian Becomes Marijuana Paradise

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The debate for recreational marijuana use rages on, but the state of Louisiana aims to make it so. Lawmakers from across the state recently convened this year to write up legislation. Policy supporters are hopeful to see the issue on the ballot this year, but in Hathian the debate has already been settled. In a landmark move, city council voted to repeal restrictions and permit recreational use across the city. As of Sunday, April 26th, the city can go up in smoke!

There are however some minor stipulations for marijuana use. It is prohibited in public places, school grounds, and transportation infrastructure. Landlords and property owners may electively bar smoking from their establishments. Minors may not engage in activities and only people 21 and up can puff-puff pass the reefer.

Tokers however are permitted to carry up to one ounce of marijuana and paraphernalia in their possession.

As for the city itself, it must annually report on the ordinance’s enforcement as required by law on both state and federal levels. Council hopes to see the a tax surplus from the regulation of marijuana use.

Council woman Perina McGinnis was asked why this issue was not put to a public vote. In reply, she gave the following statement. “The voice of the public was very clear in the election. From the voters I spoke to while campaigning, to the clearly outline goals of each winner, Hathian has been hoping for this. We felt very confident that such a measure is best for the city.”

Smoke ’em, if you got ’em Hathian! We’re about to see some high times!

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