Press Release: HPD Standards & Discipline

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In any large organisation there are individuals whose standards sometimes fall below those required. This is especially acute in an organisation which daily has to deal with high-stress environments where split-second decision making is the norm.

On many occasions ill-informed commentators have suggested that the Hathian Police Department does not deal with such lapses, that Officers operate ‘above the law’ and are immune from consequences for their actions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The HPD is dedicated to correcting any behaviour which falls below the high standards expected. In some cases, this results in disciplinary action that the public rarely sees, on other occasions it might result in extra support and training being offered to Officers who are struggling with personal issues.

To put an end to the unhelpful ‘noises off’ criticism which can only serve to undermine the morale of the brave Officers who daily put their safety at risk to protect the innocent, the HPD has decided to make public examples of action recently taken to uphold standards.

(1) Officer Brook Lennox was terminated from service for gross misconduct and referred for psychiatric support following a personal crisis which resulted in actions incompatible with that of a serving Police Officer.

(2) Corporal Kobra Wayne was temporarily demoted, had firearms privileges withdrawn and required to undergo firearms re-training following incidents of questionable judgement regarding FDH colleagues and suspects.

(3) Corporal Werner Ludwig was offered pastoral and therapeutic support when personal issues resulted in alcohol dependency. Following successful treatment, Corporal Werner volunteered to personally hand out leaflets in an attempt to save others from the problems he had faced.

Perhaps now the citizens can unite behind their Police force as they strive diligently to keep the streets safe, without malicious rumours and libel distracting them from their important work.

Det. Lt. A. Moonshadow
MCU & Media Liason

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