Missing Persons: Voltiel and Kiara Rassir

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Voltiel Rassir has not been seen or heard from by anyone in person since February 25th. She disappeared shortly after the abduction of Shawn Jones. Family has reported that an Asian male between the ages of 18 – 21 has also abducted her daughter, Kiara Rassir. A police report has yet to have been made due to lack of identification and/or details pertaining to the abduction. The man, who kidnapped Kiara, claimed to be the father.

Voltiel Rassir is five feet, ten inches, underweight, Asian with long, black hair. She changes her hair color frequently. One of her eyes is brown, the other discolored due to chemical corrosion. Her back is notably scarred with a carving of butterfly wings. Rassir is the current caretaker of Takeshi Adachi, whom is mentally ill and presumably living in her residence alone at the time.

voltiel01Places she frequents and may be spotted at: outside the Masturbates in by the lone tree there, by the pier, by old Sumfai turf.

Caution should be taken if Voltiel Rassir is seen or identified. She is mentally unstable, wanted for several accounts of kidnapping and severe, violent crimes. She is a known criminal and has been affiliated with several gangs. She should not be approached alone and police should be notified if she has been spotted or heard from.



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