Columtreal Football Profiles: Wide Receiver Angel Pena

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Q: Angel Pena has accumulated 304 yards passing over the last three games. How does it feel to set a new per-game average yardage record for Columtreal University?

A: I just play the game. I mean, I couldn’t do the things I did without Keaton, a good quarterback makes a good receiver, and vice versa. That said, once the ball’s in my hands, I’m just in a zone, and that zone just feels downright amazing. Likewise for the yardage.

Q: Your connection with Keaton seems to be developing rapidly. What would you attribute that bond to?

A: We’ve both been in the Air Force, we’ve both been PJs, been through a lot of similar shit, and, I mean honestly? I think you can put it on our shift in roles. Before, for him, I was a guide, an educator at one of his schools. Now that I’m playing football for the Looters, and with him being the team captain, he’s taken on that job of sort of a mentor of mine in football.

Q: Overall, the aerial attack since you came aboard has become more of a component of the Looters offense. Do you serve as a mentor to your fellow receivers?

A: I don’t see myself so much as a mentor, but as an example. When you get out there, and the quarterback snaps the ball, you need to be ready to face any defense player who wants to get in your face. I think I may have brought a new degree of receiver confidence to the table, nuh? In the sense that, the safety that’s staring you down is only as fast, hard hitting, and mean as you make him out to be. I take these safeties head on, side to side, back and forth, and I fight hard for that, and I mean real hard. I think my fellow receivers see that, and feed off of that energy.

Q: Your Looters just inflicted a major defeat on Dillard, with 38 unanswered points in the first half, costing them their bowl chances. What do you think of your bowl chances?

A: I think we stand a good chance, both in getting there, and against whoever we go up against. We have a team that’s close. I mean, we’re in it together, which can be said about a lot of teams, I know, but the Looters, as a team, as a school, and as a nation, have a bond that can’t be beat. Show me another team with a bond like ours, and I’ll show you a team that’s an even match. I know that there’s a lot of powerhouse schools out there that play like an NFL team. Bring them, bring their friends; we just will not go down without taking them with us. Our bowl chances? They’re better than Dillard or Delgado could say.

Q: Coach Andel’s system features a lot of contact with defenders and aggressive blocking. How do you find that suits your style of play?

A: Like I said when you asked me about seeing myself as a mentor for other receivers. I’m ready and willing to take any obstacle head on, if that means I go down, so be it. If it means I shake him outta his socks, so be it.

Q: What role do you see Looters football playing for the town of Hathian?

A: I see us as kind of a symbol of strength from ashes. I mean, Hathian, CU, the city’s been hit hard, by anything ranging from natural disasters to riots. Somehow, it always reels back. I see us as the living, walking scars of Hathian. You can hit us, you can hurt us; we will get back and keep on. No matter how bad it gets.


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