Columtreal Football Profiles: Defensive Tackle Joshua Andrew-Parker

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Q: You essentially founded this program along with Quarterback Jason Keaton. What values have taken the Columtreal Football program to such heights, so fast?

A: It’s about the team spirit and belief. We were written off. Even before the first ball was kicked. Yes, me and Keaton led the dream to get a team here at Columtreal, but without the other players, we would be a Tennis Doubles team!

Q: At the beginning of the season, many said the Looters won on the strength of their defensive play. As defensive captain, how did you inspire drive in your unit?

A. I got the unit together in practice, after that opening season defeat. Showed them the press clippings, played them the audio from sports talk shows and podcasts. Everyone was saying how we will be walked over all season, how we had no hope. I asked each one of them how it felt to lose. They all had different responses. I told them to use that as their drive, motivation. Call it what you want. When a player feels the hurt of a defeat, they don’t need anything extra from me. They will then strive to not feel that way again.

Q: If your defense had one focus, what would it be?

A. I think that’s obvious to most of our fans – rush stopping and putting pressure on the QB. I don’t know what the national tackle stats are, but Vidarok Omizu must be up there somewhere! Recently we have even seen Scott Samson coming through on Blitz Plays. Some say it leaves us vulnerable at the back, yes – we have been caught wide open on occasions – but overall I think we have done great!

Q: When facing an opposing line, what weaknesses do you look for in your opponent first?

A: Being a Defensive Tackle, I am usually facing up against a Center or Offensive Guard. For the first few plays, I am like a poker player: Looking for a tell from the lineman, QB or Running Back. For example, in last week’s game, the Aggies RB would adjust his gloves before any play where he was receiving the ball. Little things like this can give you a heads up to what is going to be next.

Q: You came from Britain originally and played ball there. How do you find football differs, here in the States?

A: The Fans. Much more intense in this country. I think the level of play that Looters are currently at is fairly similar to that I am used to, from back home. So in that sense, it made the transition easier for me personally.

Q: Your style of play is furious, and that’s reflected in the squad you lead. What inspires you most personally?

A: If the Offense don’t have the ball they can’t score. That works both ways. My goal is to get the ball back for my team to get opportunities to score the points that will get us that trophy. Some people have tipped me for future big time success, but at this present time. My only goal is Looters success

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