Five-Way Fight Outside Rader Records

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On Tuesday, police responded to a call for urgent assistance at Rader Records.  It was reported that a police officer had attempted to claim a warrant on a known female, Katelyn O’Morain, and had sustained major injuries.

Another officer arrived on scene to find the injured officer in a fight with the woman in question. An asian male, who attempted to assist her, had already been taken down from an officer’s tazer.

Although the situation looked grave for the officer who had responded, it instantly took an turn for the worse after yet another male suspect jumped into the fray and assisted the injured female.

Firearms and tazers were deployed upon the suspects, who were arrested shortly after the scene and medical assistance was called to help recover the sustained injuries.

All three suspects were arrested successfully. The unknown asian male was taken to Hathian General, and was charged for assaulting a police officer, while the unknown white male sustained no injuries and was also arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Katelyn O’Morain was successfully arrested  for the outstanding warrant, and charged with resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and possession with a deadly weapon on top of that.

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