Teen Found Impaled To Cross

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Around 1:15PM on Friday 1st May, police and medics responded to an urgent call outside The Slab Buchery, along Hathian Highway.

They arrived on scene shortly to discover 18 year old, Siddalee Matfield who had been viciously whipped, stabbed and finally crucified to a cross. Bystanders were questioned before shortly being evacuated from the scene with no signs of the suspect(s) in sight.

Unconscious and in critical condition, firefighters and police worked against the clock to rescue the teenager from the wooden structure. The structure was strapped to a fire truck, raised, and finally cut at the base with a chainsaw to allow EMT’s to operate. Tarnished in her own blood, the victim was whisked to Hathian General Hospital where doctors stabilized her condition.

A HPD Officer has issued the following statement: “It brings a deep sadness that we have to attend a call such as this, however rest assured. Hathian Police Department will be working hard to bring the suspects to justice.”

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