Observer Office Infested With Mold

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Friday evening, it was discovered that the Hathian Observer office is heavily infested with black mold, which can cause many serious health issues such as respiratory problems and, in severe cases, neurological problems.

After a lengthy inspection, it was determined that the mold most likely started growing after Tropical Storm Karen ripped through the city last October.

The mold was found behind the drywall, and covered nearly 75% of the area behind the wall. Costs to remove the mold and repair the damage are estimated to cost more than renting a new office location.

“It’s a total loss,” says editor in chief, Valena Dowe. “The only thing we can do is salvage our work, and move into another building.”

Thankfully, a new location was found a few hours later, and work was able to continue Saturday morning with only a few minor hiccups. The office is still located on Bourbon Street, but now resides beside the WKRK Radio Station and Studio only a block from the previous building.


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