Local Doctor Found Headless On Beach Last Monday

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On the morning of the 29th of July, Hathian Police officers responded to a call about a body on the beach. Upon arrival they found the headless corpse of former Hathian General Hospital staff member Maddie Gardner, age 37.

On the body, they found a bloody ID, HGH Badge, and keys near the body. The autopsy confirming the identity of the body was executed by Takahiro Ugimachi even though the head was never found. HPD has yet to comment on the case.

Maddie is survived by her ex-husband James Weaver, her sister Clio Clary (also known as Pariah Crow), her daughter Joelle, her son Shaun Weaver and her step-daughter Skye Herriat.

The family wishes to keep the memorial services to be private, so any details are unknown at this time. Maddie will be missed dearly by friends and family alike.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Maddie Gardner, contact the HPD and ask to speak to Detective Charlie Feld.

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