In Overwhelming Response To The Outrage Over ‘Mistress’ Article

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This is reporter Michiaki Yamaguchi writing on behalf of the Observer in the overwhelming response to my article “HATIN’ YOUR MAN’S MISTRESS? CHECK AGAIN” article posted on August 24, 2013.

It is a reporter’s duty to report unbiasedly. I am really glad that my previous ‘mistress’ article has brought out so many opinions from the people of Hathian, indeed freedom of speech is alive and well! And I thank all of you who spoke up. The feedback itself, was fantastic!

If this article offended those of you who are dedicated mothers, wives, husbands, it was not this reporter’s intention. Yes, the article was not classy, nor was it meant to be – it was an opinion/interview column. However, it is a truth that goes on inside the city on a constant basis. I, as a reporter, feel it is my duty to address all the ills and ugly of a society and to bring it out of the darkness and shine some much needed light on it.

In reading all your letters back to the editor I can see, and hopefully others can, that there is still good in the people of Hathian, and as a youth coming from a broken home, I am very pleased that the article could bring something so critically avoided out into the open. And perhaps by reading these articles some healing will be found, by all.

And that Hathianers, is an Epic Win.

Youth Reporter, Michiaki Yamaguchi

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