A Reaper Speaks, The Crows Did It!

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I was on my way to work  to find out that it was boarded up. Upon questioning the only person I saw near, I discovered that she knew about it. I didn’t get a formal interview, but I got enough information to share with the city who is really responsible for what happened at the Observer office.

“They claim that people wearing my rags did that. Funny thing is, my people were trying to clean this street of the real people that did it: the Crows, ” a woman who went by the name Cym, told me.

“I wasn’t here. My people were. Crows came up and were… well, just Crows. They didn’t want to leave and they caused this mess when we tried to get them off of this street. That office? We don’t have a beef with it, not unless people are writing stupid stories about us and half the time we don’t care about that either. Bad press can be just as helpful as good press,” the gang leader states.

“People want to call us loiterers for standing here? Bullshit. I own the building just up the street. Since the road changed this is where we stand so we can come smoke, chill out and not be trapped into a tiny alley. We’re a gang but we do a lot of shit that is good. You won’t see a hooker on this half of the street. People don’t come here to start crime or we make them regret it. The upper half of Bourbon is a quiet section of street because of us and we don’t fuck with the businesses we share space with… or didn’t. Lies being spread now? Lies like that? That’s asking for a thing to happen and we’ll live up to it if that’s the reputation we’re going to be given.”

It seems to be a case of misinformation and I want the city to have the truth and I was able to get this information firsthand.

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