Multiple Attempted Rapes On Bourbon

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Friday night was anything but the fun it was supposed to be, as three women came brutally close to being raped outside the Titty Twister.

It started shortly after 8:00 PM, when a bystander decided to take action when she saw two blonde women being attacked by a tall, middle aged man. After successfully getting the man away from the two other victims, the bystander found herself as his next target.

The two blonde women disappeared, and the man turned his attack on the other woman. It was nearly ten minutes of struggling before officer Michaels-Clave arrived to find the victim on the ground with the assailant on top of her.

With the officer’s tazer trained on the assailant, another unknown man engaged her, kicking her in the knee. The officer was forced to taze the unknown Asian male.

With the victim still being assaulted, two bystanders, male and female, stepped in to distract the attacking males, giving the woman time to flee to safety. Both males turned their attention to Michaels-Clave until the male bystander started fighting them off. Moments later, both attackers escaped.

No arrests were made, and the two suspects are still at large. While the victim and officer Michaels-Clave sustained minor physical injuries, both are expected to make full recoveries.

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