“They Planned To Kill Buffy With That Bottle” Murder Accusations Arise As Source Speaks Out On Death Of Summers

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Buffy Summers in her cheerleading outfit shortly before her death.
Buffy Summers in her cheerleading outfit shortly before her death.
Buffy Summers, now deceased was Captain of the cheerleading squad.

The Hathian Observer was recently contacted by an anonymous source who claims that Buffy Summers was murdered by her team mate Trixie, 18,  and her death was not an accidental manslaughter as Trixie herself claims. Trixie, a student of Columtreal University, appeared in a recent interview in the Hathian Observer to protest her intention was not to kill Buffy Summers, but that the whole incident had not been planned or was intentionally to murder Summers in any way. However, the source claims that they were there on the day of Summers death and witnessed events unfold. “They did play thriller in zombie makeup. Buffy flipped out halfway through and yelled at them to stop. But they didn’t. They ignored her and kept going… Then Buffy shoved one of the girls to the ground and they all started yelling at eachother. But the two girls that were trying out… They both had several chances to walk away. Instead one of the girls comes back with a bottle of Jack Daniels and kills Buffy. That Trixie girl did it. It was NOT out of self defense.”

Kathyrn believes that Summers death was unintentional.
Kathyrn Clift believes that Summers death was unintentional.

The source went on to state “I heard they planned to kill Buffy with that bottle if she didn’t let them on to the squad.. Doesn’t sound very innocent to me..” as well as commenting on Trixie’s recent interview, revealing their motives for speaking up.  “People will believe the lie Trixie told. Either way, I will make her pay dearly for her crimes. She can’t be forgiven for what she did to Buffy.”

Kathyrn Clift, 21, a cheerleader who was present at the tragic event, a newcomer to the university had started to make friends with Summers before she was so tragically taken away. “We were starting to become good friends.. She let me on the team .. and well .. it was cool.. she was nice..” She dismisses the idea that Summers death was intentional, saying that “Buffy knocked out Trixie .. but the other girl kept going.. And fighting with Tinker .. Buffy told them to hit the showers .. Trixie had woke up at that point .. and she started to go … but went to her bag and got out a bottle ..she(Buffy) was yelling at the other girl.. who wouldn’t shut up.. she kept going on and on..Trixie swung the bottle, I don’t think she meant to hit her in the head but Buffy had moved back .. and it got her in the head and smashed all over her.. No one could move for what felt like forever..”

Columtreal University has seen a recent increase in violent crimes.
Columtreal University has seen a recent increase in violent crimes.

I don’t think Trixie is smart enough to pull that off honestly.. I heard the rumors .. but I don’t believe them.” She did however say that she had heard rumors flying around campus that Summers boyfriend, Walter was possibly also involved with Trixie and that there were rumors of a messy, complicated love triangle that might’ve soured the relations between Trixie and Buffy if true. However according to Clift, “that is what one of the rumors was but i don’t think Walter was smart enough to even know what dating is.. if it wasn’t for Buffy.. He seemed to just have eyes for her.. he was kind of weird and sweet. Last I knew he went back home.”Clift also revealed that she thought of Trixie as incapable of acting in cold blood,  “She’s a slut and an airhead ..not a killer.” The only person she could think of who had a grudge against Trixie and might be trying to ‘frame’ her was Ellis Millet, “well I know the big fat man doesn’t like Trixie cause of what happened.. but that is about it.”

With the controversy surrounding Summers death, it may be awhile before rumors are put to rest and the real facts are left to stand out. The rumors are circulating and complicating matters for Columtreal University student Trixie and it is unclear whether she really is the naive, remorseful person who claims the death was not murder or a cold blooded killer who wanted to be Cheer Captain and take Summers boyfriend. These fresh allegations need to be investigated in order for the relatives of Summers to be able to find out what really happened and why, in order for them to put this tragic incident behind them and move on with their lives. If anybody has any information on this case please contact the Hathian Police Department.

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