Mental Patient Tries to Escape, Two Guards Murdered, HPD Stop Rampage.

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Ivan Vancheskov is currently being detained in his cell at the HPD.
Ivan Vancheskov is currently being detained in his cell at the HPD.

Ivan Vancheskov, 37, an ex- Marine and an  EMT at the Hathian General Hospital was taken into custody by Captain Bliour Micheals and officers Clave and Capriotti on charges of murder and attempting to escape the hospital’s mental ayslum.Vancheskov managed to somehow breach the hospital’s security in the padded cells in the basement section of the hospital and brutally killed two security guards, staff at the hospital.  Vancheskov apparently used his military training to break out of his cell and inflict fatal injuries on the guards as he then proceeded to use the keys from the guards to lock the elevator and the door. ” A surviving  colleague of the murdered security guards claims that Vancheskov was  “..amazingly fast. You can definitely tell this guy was highly trained. He killed my partners….my friends, with such speed, skill, and lack of hesitation. It was truly frightening, I barely made it out alive.

Vancheskov's girlfriend Michele Sabatha
Vancheskov’s girlfriend Michele Cobalt defends her boyfriend against the charges he faces.

Vancheskov’s girlfriend, Michele Cobalt, 18, was with the patient at the time and denies that Vancheskov sexually assualted her while acting out under the split personality disorder he appears to suffer from, according to a reliable source. “The death of those guards is a deep and powerful tragedy that can never be reversed.  The man that killed them is dangerous, cold and unfeeling.  Unfortunately, he’s locked in the mind and body of an innocent man.  Ivan never wanted to harm anyone.  He tried to protect me…” Cobalt revealed that Vancheskov’s other personality, ‘the Baron’, is the one responsible for commiting crimes. “He’s what kept me alive.  The part of Ivan that was in control, The Baron, would have raped and killed me as sure as I’m sitting here.  I….I provoked him unfortunately and he lost control.  I know that it’s hard to understand but Ivan, the love of my life, didn’t do this to anyone.  And now, I’m afraid that I’m going to lose him forever for the Baron’s sins.”

A distressed Cobalt breaks down in tears
A distressed Cobalt breaks down in tears.

The police were called in by a surviving security guard who managed to let them in where Vancheskov lost control once again and was involved in a violent brawl with the officers and Captain but they managed to successfully subdue Vancheskov and make his arrest. When interviewed in his cell by the Hathian Observer, Vancheskov had this to say. “I just don’t want to hurt anyone. I’m appalled at what I did, I fought for this country and now I’m killing the very people I had sworn to protect. I just want to get better..Iam very sorry, my sympathies to the families of the deceased.


Ivan Vancheskov behind bars.
Ivan Vancheskov behind bars.

Vancheskov’s therapist Joshua Banx was not allowed access to see Vancheskov, being denied contact with him while he serves his time behind bars for the time being. Although Vancheskov has special skills due to his background in military training, it might be worth the hospital’s time and efforts to look into farther increasing security in an attempt to prevent farther instances of security breaches from happening in the future.Will Vancheskov receive the help he needs in order to get himself and his life back on track? It remains to be seen whether therapy and medication will help to improve his condition and whether he will receive treatment from the HGH after this tragic incident.

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