“I Never Meant To Kill Her” Trixie Speaks Out On Buffy Summers Death

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Trixie behind bars.


Trixie behind bars.
Trixie behind bars.

Buffy was the Cheer Captain and she had a dorm room next to mine. We were friends and stuff ‘cus like, she was into Cheer and dancing and that’s my thing too.” Trixie, 18, a student at Columtreal University revealed to the Hathian Observer the details of how she managed to ‘slay’ Hathian’s very own Slayer, Buffy Summers. In an act of ‘self-defence’ Trixie smashed a bottle over Summer’s head when the Slayer apparently lost control when she arrived at cheer practice to see her team mates dressed up as zombies, an idea suggested by Trixie herself. “Me and Gabrielle had been like practicing this routine for a week. I made a DJ mix tape and everything, we were so excited and worked hard to get all these different dance styles in. The main sequence was from Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance so I thought it would be real neat if we dressed up like in the video, you know like zombies and shit in rags...”

Buffy Summers in her cheerleading outfit shortly before her death.
Buffy Summers in her cheerleading outfit shortly before her death.

The idea backfired though when the zombie outfits appeared to enrage Buffy Summers – who was well known in the city and to the HPD for her ideas about the super natural, especially regarding vampires and zombies and demons. Summers believed it was her duty to kill all vampires and demons and zombies that she believed existed in the city, often taking the shape of humans in an attempt to disguise themselves.

Trixie confessed that she had started up the routine with her friends, “it’s got a lot of difficult moves so I was concentrating on remembering the footwork and choreography and suddenly BLAM! I get knocked out cold on my ass by Buffy who came out of nowhere..” The Slayer had apparently attacked Trixie at the sight of her team mates in their zombie outfits, “She was like totally freaking out and I have no idea why…so I kinda come too and realized what she did and all.” Trixie explained tearfully as she spoke to the Hathian Observer from her prison cell, adding that “when I grew up on the farm my brother always taught me if you get bullied you have to go right up to the bully and hit them back harder….so anyway, I had this bottle of Jack Daniels in my gym bag for like afterwards and shit and so I went and got it and…..I walked up to Buffy and.. I never meant to kill her..!..You HAVE to believe me I just wanted to like get even ‘cus she floored me and all….it’s….it’s… I killed her.”

Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers is being mourned by her uncle Valmont Marseille.

Trixie was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries before she was taken into custody by the HPD with the trial awaiting the outcome of an autopsy carried out by Dr Ugimachi.  “I just want to say, like to all Buffy’s friends like I was…..I am really sorry..” The cheerleader and  dance major student who revealed she had plans to be a D.J, seems to be distraught at being the cause of her friend Summer’s death, apparently believing that she was just standing up for herself against an enraged Summers who seemd out of control in the moment. Speaking to the victim’s uncle, Valmont Marseille, the Hathian Observer was led to believe that this was a tragic incident which simply got out of hand and it is not believed by the victim’s uncle that there was an intentional plan by Trixie and her team mates  to bring down Summers and kill her. With the lives of several people tragically impacted and the loss of one of Hathian’s infamous citizens, Summers will be mourned and remembered by many.

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