Attack Of The Birds – Berthier Street Bakery in Need of Repair

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The aftermath-Berthier Street’s Bakery

Berthier Street Bakery was left with a broken window and other damages after an angry swarm of bats and flock of birds descended on Hathian, damaging the store.

The bakery is working hard at getting everything restocked and the place cleaned again after what feels like a prank gone wrong.” manager Aizzel Beck revealed to the Hathian Observer. Frantic employees and customers were forced to stay and take shelter in the bakery while the angry flock of birds and swarm of bats flew around Hathian, attacking citizens.
The damage inside the bakery where customers and employees were stuck for hours.

   It is not quite certain where the birds and the bats arrived from but most citizens experienced an unforgettable Halloween, with locals even shooting the creatures out of the sky. Manager Aizzel Beck is now trying to fund repairs for the store out of her own pocket, with the cost of the damage as yet unspecified but the store seems to have been badly affected.

Residents were forced to take shelter on Halloween away from the flocks of birds and bats that plagued the city but have since strangely disappeared or been killed by those citizens who possessed firearms.
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