Declaration Of Interest: Dr Gavilan-Soyuz For Representative

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Dr Lake Gullivan-Soyuz is keen to work on behalf of the citizens of Hathian
Dr Lake Gavilan-Soyuz is keen to work on behalf of the citizens of Hathian

Previous Chief of Staff in Hathian’s General Hospital, Dr Lake Gavilan-Soyuz, 46, is expressing interest in the idea of working as a representative for the city on behalf of the public interest. The doctor who has worked hard alongside her colleagues and kept the hospital a well ordered and effective environment.

The doctor released a statement, indicating her interest in working with both the Hathian Police Department and citizens to represent their interests and concerns, and to improve relations between the HPD and citizens.

In my former role as Administrator at HGH, I’m used to dealing with large egos and personality types, both cops and members of the public, even dealing with gang members because everybody receives treatment from me  at the hospital regardless of their personal background or alliances and I always insisted that other physicians do the same.  Because of this background in dealing with all types of people, I am able to act and think without bias for the most part. I believe I hold good relations with members of the HPD as well as citizens, knowing many people whose interests and concerns would be important to me to represent. Everyone has a right to an opinion and point of view as to what happens.  The cops have their side the perps have theirs and the witnesses have theirs, it’s a matter of making people see each side of the situation and find a compromise that makes everyone a least semi happy, or something along those linesAnd in response to Val’s pint of Guinness, well all I can off is 10% off your bill if you are ever treated by me.

The doctor also seemed happy to be part of a team of representatives if the idea is taken up, along with the other interested party Valmont Marseilles, bar owner of the Val’s Irish Pub in Black bottom as well as bar manager of the Titty Twister on Bourbon Street. With more people expressing interest, there may well be a team of representatives ready to work on improving relations between the HPD and the citizens soon.

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