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As an upstanding member of the community, I feel it is my duty to take issue with the manner in which the fine police force of this city has been maligned as of late. I wonder, why is it that the Hathian Observer seems to take such a critical viewpoint of the one organization in the city which serves to protect anyone who obeys the law, and at the same time publicizes the dubious achievements of one of the city’s most notorious rapists? I do not see the invocation of freedom of the press as a legitimate defense when a journalistic enterprise seems to follow the exploits of a criminal. Many of these articles are filled with what seems to be glowing attention that can hardly be considered negative. Indeed, some of your ‘impartial’ journalists would paint this rapist as a modern day ‘Robin Hood’, according to the flattering coverage he receives. But what does he take? He takes sex from women, without their consent. How is that redistributed to the poor, may I ask?

How does nearly any action of the HPD in the defense of its fine officers seem to nearly always be portrayed in a negative light? I know who I can call when no one else will help. Three digits on the phone, 911, and the valiant men and women of the HPD will come running to protect and serve. How does this compare to a man who kidnaps innocent women, raping them and dropping them in prearranged figures? How does this compare to a man who has kidnapped not one, not two, not even three officers of the law, but multitudes of them?

Please tell me, impartial journalists of the Observer, which side are you truly on? The public trust, or in the pocket of a man who would force sex upon your own daughters and wives to satisfy his own sick desires? I do not understand how you can claim impartiality while you publicize stories about this man, and continue to make every effort to undermine the public trust in the one organization that will help anyone who needs it. The one organization that helps people without requiring backroom deals or favors.

How many officers are injured while patrolling the streets of Hathian? How many are attacked on routine calls by random bystanders? How many are beaten, kidnapped, and raped because they have the courage to put on a uniform and stand between the criminals and the innocents? Perhaps if your journalists were truly impartial, they would be able to see these occurrences and report on them, instead of snide remarks about corruption and incompetence that seem to be everywhere in your publication.

And perhaps, just perhaps, they would stop glorifying the actions of a criminal. Until then, I have a new nickname for your publication. A deserved one.

“Zero’s Observer”.

A Citizen of Hathian

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