Cougar Spotted In Hathian

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The quiet serenity of the Vodou Suburbs was interrupted late last Wednesday night as officers responded to the report of loud noises below a woman’s home.

When officers arrived, the woman appeared frantic and afraid as Corporal Jay Wardark entered the house to inspect it for intruders as Officer John Morpork inspected the outside of the home.
As Officer Morpork walked along the rear of the home, he found a portion of the house where is was above ground, leaving a small crawlspace beneath the house.
Morpork then shone his flashlight into the crawlspace to come face to face with a cougar, which immediately charged and attacked the officer, forcing him to shoot it to defend himself.

Cougars are not native to Louisiana

Cougars are not native to Louisiana so any cougars spotted were either pets who outgrew their owners and were released, or a few have wandered into the state and our area.

Local authorities are urging citizens to keep an open eye out for cougars and report any sightings to the police or game warden. These creatures are dangerous and will attack humans if provoked, or even noticed. Cougars are even known to eat small children so please ensure they are kept safe and out of harm’s way.

The exact number of cougars in the Hathian area has not been confirmed, there has only been one official sighting and capture.

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