Corruption is Everywhere – Watch your Backs

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Let’s start with me bleeding out on the street in front of the Pharmacy. My eyes slowly fading with the sight of his plaid red and white jacket and matching sneakers walking off to leave me to die, as my head lies on the concrete. Crimson red oozing from my abdomen and through my bloody fingers as I watch my killer wander down the street before I go unconscious. No, that’s not the beginning, the beginning goes back a few months from now, when I was defending my woman from a maniac attacker in Lou’s, swinging a bat at her and myself, saving the day and grabbing the bat from her to hit her once to knock her down to get control of the situation before we’d call 911. That’s when it really started, when I met Josh Jansen.

What can I tell you about this cop? Well, on that faithful day, he was your average everyday cop in Hathian, a rookie even, if I remember, who on first impression, seemed to be fair, wise, and strict on protocol. Indeed, that was what he wanted me to think. On that day I was taken back to Hathian Police Department to have my statement given, as he had told me, he’d give me a fair listen to, and then catch the girl that started it. This was the lie that started it all. I did it – I told him my side of the story, exactly as it had happened. But this cop’s reaction was not to unlatch my cuffs and give me a slap on the wrist, or a long talk about my right to defend myself – instead, and for those readers with sensitive sensibilities, stop here… Instead, I was slammed up against the office wall and told that I was under arrest – when I defended my position and called him a liar, he advised me that if I didn’t cooperate he’d find my woman and lock her up in a cell beside me and rape her while I watched.

Let’s put any other guy in this situation. You’d be mad right? Furious right? You might enjoy watching this same cop a week later getting his on Bourbon street when a big Russian drunk teaches him the lesson you didn’t get the opportunity to give. And that’s what I did. I watched. I advised the now officer, that had he done the right thing in the beginning, that he wouldn’t be here now, Karma has its ways of coming back.

So why tell you all this? To be ‘fair’ since the reporter I tried to tell my story too was literally supporting and defending this cops Raison d’être. Why is this article on an opinion page and not a news article is due to the actions of one of the Hathian Observers reporters, who when I told her my story said, and I quote, “right now, I’m not sure any article would compel the readers to take a side and stick to it …If I ran an article, and left out all of the events leading up to the stabbing, and made it seem as if the HPD was at fault for everything, the HPD relations with our paper would be further hampered, and our word, unsteady as it is right now, as a trusted news source, is the only thing that would be affected. The HPD would not change…”

I heard this and was dumbfounded. My story, as legitimate as it was, would not be ‘compelling’ to readers, and HPD relations with the paper would be hampered. So the fact that I was stabbed by a cop, a story most reporters if they had a brain cell would jump at, it turns out, will never see the printed page.

So there are two conclusions you can draw from this opinion article that I hope the majority of you out there can appreciate: That the HPD has become so corrupt and so ruthless, that they can stab a man in broad daylight, cover up the entire thing and go on about their daily existence, and that even the only other means to find a ‘voice’ in the darkness, the newspaper to bring the corruptness to light, is so scared shit-less of the cops that they are now bound by the ropes of injustice as well. OR, that the cops have probably paid off the Hathian Observer to cover their messes.

The new Corporal Josh Jansen is not what he claims to be – one of the good guys, any cop that would go off duty to stab someone from behind, isn’t a representative of the HPD, but should be behind its bars serving a sentence just like the rest of us and summarily dismissed from his position if not fired. I implore the good officers out there that read this article to consider the actions of their Corporal carefully, cause it will occur again, and as long as someone like him serves the good city of Hathian, you’re precinct will never lift itself above the common criminals and thieves you put away endlessly everyday. A cop knows better, and should be treated as if not harsher than would you treat a street thug who doesn’t. In the meantime folks,

Watch your backs.

Stab Victim.

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