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Hello Hathian, I’m Naomi Baccarin, certified relationship advisor and staff writer here at the Observer. Have a question about your relationship that has got you completely stumped? I can help. I’m an experienced decision-maker when it comes to the art of romance, and you need only ask. I offer my service completely free of charge. Each issue, I’ll pull one of the questions I’ve responded to, and put it right here in this space. So write to this address and I hope to hear from you soon.

<3 Naomi

Hathian Observer
Attn: Ask Naomi
421 Bourbon Street
Hathian, LA

IC First name:

IC City of Residence:

OOC Account name ((In case I need to IM you)):

What would you like to ask Naomi? ((Please be as descriptive as possible)):

Thanks for your question! Depending on how many questions I receive in the course of a month will determine whether your letter is used in the Observer. I pick one I like. Good luck! ((Usually I’ll get back to you as soon as I see the question. Think of this like an IC letter response to the return address, since time is probably a factor. It will arrive in NC format.))

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