Officer Akish Under Scrutiny As Mysteriously Leaked Report Alleges Akish- Reject Association

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Officer Akish was pushed off the overpass on her way to her newly opened gym, Anima.
Officer Akish was pushed off the overpass on her way to her newly opened gym, Anima.

Officer Gina Akish, 31, has been the subject of scrutiny recently in the Hathian Police Department by her own colleagues as well as those ranking senior in the police force. The HPD have been maintaing a close guard over the allegations surrounding Akish but an official report was leaked mysteriously to the Hathian Observer, with a police file detailing the allegations on the officer turning up in the office of the Observer.

The HPD detained Officer Akish on charges of 'obstruction' and 'conspiracy.'

The Hathian Observer can reveal that the charges that were brought against the officer were for: resisting arrest, obstruction of the law and conspiracy. The report detailed how Officer Akish had been issued with a warrant for harboring fugitive and Reject gang member Matsui Thei. Officers Sofia Keolanui and Cook Harper were called from a routine patrol where they had answered  a call to break up an altercation occuring near the projects to look into the matter.

On approaching the residence of Officer Akish in Devil’s Pocket, they determined, according to the details of the report that a break in was not evident and when they exited the vehicle, Akish appeared, threatening the officers by making ‘menacing movements‘ in an apparent attempt to deter the officers from entering her residence where Thei was found in her master bedroom, in ‘relative comfort‘ according to the report. The officer was then taken under custody by the Officers as Akish was charged with ‘harbouring the fugitive Thei  and hiding him from arrest.’

When approached by The Hathian Observer, Akish, who has been admitted this week to hospital after being apparently released by the HPD after serving a partial sentence- informed the Observer she had been pushed from the overpass that leads onto Hangman’s Pass. She emphatically denied all the allegations and stated: “all charges that were brought against me were the result of a misunderstanding, it was a matter for the HPD which has been cleared up by my colleagues.”  The Officer was later admitted to the hospital a few days afterwards when she was  apparently pushed off the overpass  resulting in her breaking two ribs, her leg and her arm.

When asked about who had carried out the apparent attack on her, Akish had this to say; “I dont know.. not sure who was it, it was raining bad and I was too busy falling that i couldnt see his face but I could tell he was a male and he was wearing a black jacket with red strips and blue jean, thats all I could see in less than a second when I was half way on my way down in mid air” She also admitted, ” I don’t know if it was gangs or someone else but recently there have been lots of people that they didnt want me around..that want me dead.”

A note attached to the file had a single question, “Who does Corporal Akish work for?” The Observer managed to speak to a police official handling he case, Detective Sergeant Susser. “I can’t speak for the entire PD, but the detective division is not formally investigating the Corporal right now. Obviously everyone will be watching her a bit more carefully, but there is no official investigation in progress. As for being pushed off the over pass, I believe that’s still being investigated right now, so I can’t really say much about it.”

The detective sergeant also added in response to the charges that; “We held her on those charges and released her earlier than we could have. Thei WAS found in her home, at the time we WERE pursuing him for multiple felony charges including assaulting an officer, aggravated sexual assault, and a few others. We got a call from a neighbor saying Thei had been seen in the residence and one of our officers was dispatched to investigate. We found Thei in Akish’s home and arrested him, then after a lengthy investigation, decided to press charges against Akish. She was released as per Andel’s orders.”

The charges clarified Susser “..were dropped. She was released after serving a partial sentence for obstruction and conspiracy I believe.”  apparently on Chief Andel’s command. As for the overpass incident, she also stated: “As for being pushed off the over pass, I believe that’s still being investigated right now, so I can’t really say much about it.”  Questions over Akish’s association with Reject gang member Matsui Thei are still very much in the air as well as the recent overpass incident, were the two related or separate incidents? Officer Akish had also admitted to the Observer  that “many people want me dead” and that she had lots of enemies although she refused to talk any farther about the matter. The main question remains whether Akish has been adequately disciplined and whether or not there remains more to this story then maybe even the HPD know. Hopefully with the officer under watch by her colleagues things will come become more clear soon.



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