Victim of Torture Speaks Out Against Attackers

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Ash Astoria being examined by the police
Ash Astoria being examined by the police

We, I mean Hathian, we’re trying to pull back from Hurricane Katrina and Isaac, but how can we when we have people like them causing havoc? Hathian isn’t safe until they are permmemanetly behind’s not right. They should be punished for what they do.” The Victim of a rape and torture carried out by Zero, Ipos, & another named by the victim as ‘Kozzy’ has spoken out about her ordeal after surviving the horriffic attack.

Ash Kolmskull, 18, a former police officer at the Hathian Police Department was ‘lured’ by Kozzy into a trap where Kozzy, Ipos, and Zero raped and tortured Kolmskill, who was then abandoned on a street after sustaining several injuries. She suffered from a broken and dislocated finger as well as several cuts and a deep stab wound. Officers Hernandez and Brown were able to call for medical assistance as they found the battered victim on a street near the beach.

Kolmskull was lucky to survive and is ” really thankful  for my family..” as she is now recovering after being released recently from the hospital. The former police officer has been a victim of the family of criminal figures that make up Zero and his associates before, having suffered a similar case of torture and rape resulting in burns on her body. Kolmskull hopes that the police are working even harder to crack down on the group as she fears that nobody is safe from these criminals as many of her former colleagues know well.

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