Obon Festival Coming August 27th & 28th

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@ the Shen Gallery of Fine Art Aug 28th
@ the Shen Gallery of Fine Art Aug 28th


On behalf of the Asian community in Hathian, we welcome all who have lost loved ones to join us first at the graveyard across from Radar Records on August 27th @ 7pm SLT. Be aware there will be a brief Buddhist reading before we march back to the Shen Gallery of Fine Art to give prayers and offerings for our departed loved ones. The public is free to stay as long as they want. [Those that wish to participate should be in kimono and have something to bring as an offering to the shrine. ie: food, pictures, poems, trinkets, etc.]

August 28th @ 7pm SLT official prayers and offerings will be given again and a celebration and dance to follow! If you own a kimono we would prefer you come dressed for the traditional Japanese festival, however ALL who have departed loved ones are welcome. At the end of this 2 hour event we will be lighting lanterns and ushering off the spirits of our dearly departed once more.


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