Do Possessions Exist? RE: Paranormal Possessions in Hathian?

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Lance's Overpass team 45 minutes into investigation - image taken from infrared static cam

With our first investigation under our belt, the CUPS team had no clue that it would face the trials it did during it’s second investigation.  Six members of the core team, myself, Allie Slade, Sarah Desdey, Caileigh Kharg, Carson Capelo, and Grayson Burke were on sight, eager to begin investigation.  We were joined by six guest investigators Ellit Millet, Lara Croft, Dani Riaxik, and Nicole Jestyr.  Which any math major at CU can tell you only equals 10, not the 30 reported by my collegue at this paper.  After the first article about the Trinity Church, we could not at all predict the response from people who wanted to join us.  And with this many people, how could we possibly predict one of the rarest forms of haunting: a possession.  Not possession of adangerous weapon or controlled substance, but a paranormal possession where a person assumes the demeanor and behavior of an unknown entity.  This form of haunting is so rare that most paranormal investigators give very little credence to possible happenstances of possession for one simple fact.  It cannot be tested or verified.

In the psychological world, talking in a voice not one’s own and acting in an abnormal manner can be caused by several psychological disorders.  Chief among them ar DIssociative Identity Disorder, Dissociative Fugue, and Depersonalization Disorder.  In DID and DF, amnesia of the event is involved, which was reported in the previous article by my collegue.  However, paranormal and psychological disorders are not the only causes for these symptoms.

Another cause of these symptoms are far more likely, and far more common.  Substance abuse.  Both long-term alcohol and narcotic abuse can cause amnesia spells, behavioral changes, and unconsciousness.  In Hathian, this is far mroe likely than the other two.

Allow me to paint the scene for you.  The ten investigators arrived before the investigation began, gathering at the stage beside the d8 central park that became base camp for the investigation.  Before the static cameras were even in place, Nicole and Dani were jumping at shadows and acting severely anxious, highly out of the ordinary for later-afternoon pre-dusk lighting in the middle of the city.  After breaking up into teams, we all went to our investigation areas.  I took my team, Dani, Nicole, and Sarah down to the overpass where this supposed possession happened.  I had took the two hoping to allay their fears and anxiety, not realizing what it was at the time.

Lance’s Overpass team 45 minutes into investigation – image taken from infrared static cam

Not long into the investigation, the setting sun was blocked by dark clouds, descending the whole area in darkness.  It was during this time of darkness that Nicole fell over, supposedly unconscious.  After which she spoke in a deep voice, though it was still very much like her own, just like Christian Bale in Batman.  A few too many cigarettes and some throat cancer, if you know what I mean.  I’m beginning to believe in the paranormal, but still.. possession?  It is hard for me to believe.  And impossible for me to test.  She could have been acting.  Or she could have been under the influence.

After the investigation ended and I got some rest, I started doing more research on the park.  When I turned up absolutely nothing that would help confirm her supposed possession, I started looking on on the girl herself.  With all the footage taken at the investigation, I found a clear picture of her and started asking about her around town.  One particular citizen, who will remain nameless, turned me to the HPD criminal files that are opened to the public.  Needless to say, what I found was fully and utterly stunning.  Information & photograph redacted by Editor after complaint. ((ICly))

The main focus of C.U.P.S. investigations is to debunk so-called paranormal activity.  If such activity cannot be debunked, then it is truly scrutinized top to bottom, front to back, inside and out.  If no other explanation becomes available, then it is deemed paranormally unexplained.  Judging from past criminal activity, behavior before the investigation, and the resulting news article about the so-caled possession, it is the judgement of this writer than the possession was nothing but a fake brought on by narcotic influence with the intention of discrediting C.U.P.S. and myself.  However, it will not deter us.  We are an ethnically and politically diverse group with shared goals: Finding answers about the paranormal.

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