Central Motel: Open for Business and Now Hiring!

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Central Motel & Short Term Housing in Vodou
Central Motel & Short Term Housing in Vodou

For years the Central Motel has sat empty, falling into deeper and deeper disrepair. This does not make it unique to the Hathian landscape; but what does set it apart is that this Vodou landmark has been reclaimed for renovation and repair by a group of four anonymous business partners to open for business once more. “As of now,” quoted the motel’s assistant manager, Nyxa Crowne; “the motel is rough but up and running. And we aren’t just a motel, this is short-term housing for anyone who needs it.”

The motel is charging $30.00 per hour, $50.00 per night, $200.00 per week or $700.00 per month – the prices include utilities, parking, maid services, use of the laundry facility, central air conditioning and cable television. “We have beautiful ocean views,” boasted Crowne. “And we’re set back away from everything, it’s almost pastoral out here, it’s very peaceful as compared to the hustle and bustle of the city.”

It should be said that motel accepts cash only, in advance and is not family friendly. The hideaway does not allow guests under the age of eighteen or pets. They are also promoting a no weapons policy although Crowne warns, “employees will have access to a firearm.”

The manager of the motel, a man identified only as Percy – is said to be hiring for all positions including security, maintenance and maid services. All aspiring employees should be over the age of eighteen and be able to supply their own transportation. Employees are also eligible to stay at the Central, rent free! Applications should be brought to the Central Motel & Short Term Housing in Vodou main office, given to either Percy or Crowne.

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