Shoot Out At The Grind: Two Injured, Locals Involved In Gun Fight

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Victim James Matfield lays in a pool of blood while Ellis Millet lays wounded after collapsing on a seat
Victim James Matfield lays in a pool of blood while Ellis Millet lays wounded after collapsing on a seat

The Grind, located on Hathian Highway, was the scene of a bloody shoot out between several armed civilians.  Among the wounded are Ellis Millet,36, former employee of the Clam, and James Matfield,27, currently unemployed. Paramedics arrived after reports of shooting at the Grind alerted the police and emergency services to the scene, by eyewitnesses who rang them after several shots rang out. Matfield’s daughter, ten year old Siddalee O’ Connor Matfield, was quickly taken away from the scene by Officer Ming Yheng

Siddalee O' Connor-Matfield,10, is restrained by Officer Ming Yheng outside of The Grind coffee shop

According to police sources and the video footage, Sunhi Gavilian,25, was seen entering the Grind, threatening Millet, pulling a gun on him as words were exchanged, but Matfield, the father of her children, managed to put himself in her range in an apparent attempt to stop Gallivan from shooting. Gallivan, however, reached round and pulled the trigger, firing at Millet who responded by pulling out his own firearm and attempting to aim at Gallivan, only to strike Matfield instead. Matfield collapsed, bleeding profusely as bartender Jean Drammond, pulled a knife out just as paremedic Carson Capleo arrived on scene along with members of the Hathian Police Department.  Drammond had apparently been about to turn on Millet, but was stopped by paramedic Capelo. Another person involved in the drama was gang member Hell’s  Saint Cassie Harper, 20, who was stopped by Officer Benedict Cuthbertsson, who used his tazer on the Hell’s Saint gang member before she was able to use a knife on Millet, who had collapsed on a cushion, wounded.

A wounded Millet is helped by paramedic and pre-med student Carson Capelo

Millet was taken into hospital while Hell’s Saint gang members, Jean Frances Drammond and Cassie Harper were arrested, taken into police custody by Officers Cuthbertsson and Detective Gutter, with Officer Yheng standing outside of  The Grind, ensuring that Matfield and Gallivan’s daughter stayed safe outside of the coffee shop.

Millet spoke to The Observer, recovering from a gunshot wound – hit by a bullet from Sunhi Gallivan’s gun. He explained how he had been: “sitting with my friend James and then Sunhi came in with a gun aimed to my head. She was going to fucking kill me.” He recounted how Matfield had stood in front and that:” Carson helped me…and Jean…and I think it was Cassie…tried to attack me with knives.” Capelo had stood in the way of  Harper and Drammond, protecting Millet and sustaining an injury from a blade in doing so. Asked about the reason behind the attack Millet explained: “Sunhi is the leader of a gang- Hell’s Saints. Cassie and Jean are members and Sunhi, who.. hates me,  came after me for revenge.”  Millet also explained that he had received information that: “I was warned someone wanted to kill me” for personal reasons between himself and the Hell’s Saints, but also because he had been wrongly identified as trying to assault this reporter after a fight involving a camera and another employee of the Clam broke out. “I guess it’s not surprising Sunhi would try to kill me. She tried before,” Millet admitted before adding, ” I want people to know that the Hell’s Saint’s aren’t vigilantes at all. They are just as much cold blooded killers as the Rejects. Jean got mad over a fight that I got involved with–that I was trying to stop–and I end up getting shot by Sunhi for revenge. I shot out of self-defence. I had no idea James would jump in the middle. I was just trying not to die. Kill or be killed in this town. Make no mistake, I ain claimin to be good—but I know that the Hell’s Saints are far from good regardless what they claim.”


Officer Cuthbertsson and Detective Gutter at the scene of the bloody shoot out.

As Millet and Matfield recover at Hathian General Hospital, Hell’s Saint leader and members, Gallivan, Harper and Drammond face charges of assault with a deadly weapon as well as possession. Capelo, paramedic at the HGH, had this to say in defence of Millet: “I’d like to state that while these women are blaming Ellis for shooting James, it was not his fault. Ellis told me who shot him, SunHi something, and he only fired in self-defense. James was an *accident* and the full blame for this incident rests solely on them”

It seems with the increase of violence lately in Hathian that tensions are rising to the surface as gang attacks have been stepping up around the city. Even though this may involve a gang that has been typically viewed as dealing in vigilante justice, it seems that gangs overlook  the aftermath of violence- innocent victims who are hurt or die unneccessarily.

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