Phantoms Fade Away

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The Phantoms
The Phantoms

After months of dominating the streets of Hathian through acts of terror, the clandestine, masked group known only as the Phantoms have lived up to their name… by disappearing entirely.

While the exact reason for their disappearance is unknown, sources say they were chased out of town by another infamous Hathian gang – the Lower Ninth Rejects, more colloquially known simply as the Rejects, who have been at odds with the Phantoms for quite some time.

The Phantoms were best known as a human trafficking and illegal sex ring who specialized in acts of terror, most famously for the bombing of the Hathian Police Department and for their role in introducing a mutant strain of small pox to the Hathian populace. While only three members of the Phantoms were every positively identified, rumors say they might have had as many as 15-30 members; some even pointing the finger at respected members of the community such as doctors, lawyers and high-ranking police officials.

The Phantoms’ known dens have all been destroyed, allegedly through the use of explosives, tagged with Reject graffiti and left empty; burnt out husks that stand as fading memorials to a group whose ghost will be long remembered. “I don’t really believe they’re gone,” quoted one anonymous source. “I’ve seen their people here and there in town quietly, they’re probably just lying low for now and once they think we have forgotten them… they’ll strike again.”

Some speculate that the Phantoms confirmed leader, Piper Delvalle-Trevellion, has fled to Russia, others say she was killed and the rest of the gang are covering it up. Some actually believe the FBI intervened and the higher ranking members are in prison. Wherever the Phantoms have gone or why, it can be assured that Hathian will not mourn them.

“One down,” quoted HPD Chief Hendrich Andel, who of course cited the disappearance of the Phantom gang to the work of the HPD. “Whose next?”

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