Hunt For Sergeant Fox Ends: Sergeant Vows To Take Revenge On Criminals

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Sergeant Fox vows to take revenge

Sergeant Lilith Fox,27, had been missing for over a week, feared dead by her colleagues at the

Sergeant Fox has vowed to take revenge on the criminals.

Hathian Police Department, with Detective Gutter even issuing a statement to the press in an effort to alert the public to her disappearance in the hopes she would be found before it was too late. “We have a missing Police Officer, Sergeant Lilith Fox  who has been kidnapped  on June 27, 2012.” Detective Gutter’s statement read, before adding that: “So far we have two suspects that are listed according to another victim who was assaulted and kidnapped by the same suspects and their names are Monk Leborski  and “Omocha Shadowcry.” With tensions running high as the longer it took to find Fox the more likely the chance of recovering her lifeless body increased- the hunt for Sergeant Fox finally ended as she was  returned safely to Hathian. The Sergeant had been dumped unconcious and found herself in Hathian General Hospital when she was able to regain conciousness. The Hathian Observer was able to interview the Sergeant after she had taken sufficient time to recover from her ordeal and she spoke to us exclusively about what actions she and her colleagues at the HPD will undertake now that she is back on the beat.

Well known pimp Leborski is one of the criminals

One of the first questions was naturally what Leborski and his accomplice wanted with the Sergeant-why had she been targeted for an abduction? “Monk Leborski is just a pain in ass for me.. yes you can write that. I think they mostly wanted to make HPD weaker for some time kidnapping one of us but they failed. HPD is always powerful.”  The Sergeant added that she thought that “Monk was always one of the worse criminals in here that was disturbing HPD in the track of work and i am the most hated by him, probably because i shot him couple of times in the line of duty”  Sgt. Fox also confirmed who the suspects were: “Monk it was for sure, I would  recognize his ugly face and voice anywhere. The woman i heard when I was blindfolded and  didn’t recognize her..when i could finally see something, she was a black woman, with a funny accent. She was called “Kisha” or something. But it’s only matter of time to find out who she was.”  With a member of the HPD’s force taken hostage, we asked the Sergeant how the HPD planned on preventing gangs from taking hostages when their own officers were getting kidnapped. Sergeant Fox replied with this statement: “we are growing stronger with every day, providing special trainings for new and the older officers to improve their skills in fight. We are strong as never before. That what happend during last few months made us only tougher. My own experience and what happend to me, will stay with me and I will only share it with my fellow officers just to warn them- what to do if they will find itself in situation like i was-and hopefully that will never happen again, as HPD is now more careful and ruthless.”  The Sergeant also promised that she was determined to bring Leborski and his accomplice down-vowing to “lock Leborski’s ass back in the place where he belongs-in jail.” and that she” just wanted every criminal in this town to know, that such a things like this will never happen again. We are still recruiting and growing up stronger. After what happend, not only to me, but the rest of HPD officers, including those killed,  we will fight better and show that there is no damn game, enough of playing with the HPD. We were trying to be less brutal, but seems it doesn’t work so I am warning every criminal in this town – if any of them harm any of us  they will be punished in the  HPD way...”  With that warning and threat to criminals such as well known pimp and thug Leborski and others, the Sergeant concluded the interview with The Observer.  

Although the Sergeant gave a confident response and seems to have recovered from her ordeal-not going into detail about what it involved-some citizen’s of Hathian might not feel so reassured by the idea that criminals have been successful in their attempts to abduct members of the HPD, those who are meant to protect and serve the community.




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