Campus Sundays

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Campus Sundays will be a new line of events, every Sunday at 1/2pm kickoff. These events are to promote Columtreal University to the masses – and to give students, staff and the community something to do Sunday after a hard week. The new Academic Year starts in a couple weeks.


Cool off, chill out and get on your sexy bathers – come join in the fun at the pool and escape the summer heat.
Beer and refreshments available from Val’s pub in plastic cups of course.

INVITED: These events are open to anyone, students or the general population

VENUE: The Pool behind Val’s pub in Black Bottom(ty Val!) (from next week will be on campus ground!).

TIME: 1pm onward ((say 1-3pm sl time))

CONTEST: BEST BIKINI CONTEST – Judges TBA (so come on boys).

For the non-swimmers amongst us, come lay on the blankets by the pool and catch some rays whilst showing off your white bits.

Note: Skinny dipping optional.

As sororities and fraternities get established, they can offer to host a Campus Sunday Event.

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