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On, Thursday, 14 June 2012, this reporter, dedicated to her job and the people of Hathian, returned to the police station to follow up on the case that put her life at risk only a few days prior. She was expecting to see Lt. Muromachi, for an interview with David Gutter, however, she was most fortunate to find one of the officers who was actually at the shooting, and injured himself by stray bullets. This officer introduced himself as Officer Reian Varel and agreed to allow this reporter to interview him on the details of the incident.

This reporter first asked Officer Varel if he knew what sparked the conflict, and he responded, “Beats me.  Me and my fiance were just minding ourselves walking down the street singing doowahdidee didee dum didee doo… All I really know is some crazy bitch started shooting and everything went to shit.”

The shooting was not a random shooting. When asked if the officer knew who the shooter was, he responded, “I do know it was a gang fight … The Rejects I believe it was, and Piper was the shooter, or at least that’s what the report said.”

Being quite new in town, this reporter was unfamiliar with the local gangs. Naturally, she inquired if the Rader Records location was part of their turf, and further more the identity of this “Piper.” The officer unfortunately did not have much to say on that matter, as regulations in the department preventing him from disclosing the shooter’s full name. While he remains unaware if the “turf” was claimed by the Rejects, he was certain that the shoot out started out with a gang fight. The last question asked was if the officer knew anyone associated with the gang; if there were any names to put with the faces and also if anyone else was injured in the shoot out. His response, “Hmm, well the only other known person who was shot for sure was the Commissioner I believe. It is suspected and highly believed the gang had received numerous injuries but none have been reported at this time. Unfortunately we also don’t have the names of the other Rejects that assisted Piper.”

And there you have it. A local gang fight injured two officers, and many more gang members. The commissioner himself was caught in the crossfire and injured as a result. His condition is unknown at this time, but rest assured this reporter will continue to bring the people of Hathian the latest breaking news.

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