Japanese Employee Assaulted by Hathian Police

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14 June 2012, this reporter was called into a meeting with the CEO of Muramasa Industries, Whirl Sorbet, and local lawyer Shannon Portal. The subject matter was regarding a Japanese employee of Muramasa Industries who accuses the Hathian Police of brutalizing him and assaulting him while incarcerated simply for being Japanese. This was a case that this reporter just could not refuse.

We arrived at the hospital, proceeding directly to the recovery ward, where the man in question was being guarded closely by two rather hostile officers. They clearly held a bit of resentment for the man, and the gestures made to him after being asked to leave the ward, by Ms. Sorbet, was more than threatening in nature. Introductions were passed, and the man introduced himself, through all the pain of his broken and battered body, as Itachi Moromashi. The lawyer cut right to the chase, asking Mr. Moromashi if he remembered what happened. At that point, he revealed to the three of us, that the incident which landed him in his current condition was the second of two incidents, both within 24 hours of each other.

The first incident took place on 13 June 2012, at or around 9 am. Mr. Moromashi was enjoying a drink in the popular Lou’s Bar. Local pimp, Monk Leborski, apparently took offense to the accented speech that adorned Mr. Moromashi’s words. There was a physical altercation, and the Hathian Police Department arrived on scene, taking Mr. Muromashi to the ground via use of K-9. Mr. Muromashi was seen in Hathian General Hospital, and released later that night into police custody.

The second incident took place on the morning of 14 June 2012, at or around 4 am. Mr. Muromashi was tazed by the officer that was assigned to his cell, simply because he did not understand his speech. This officer, continued his assault by pushing Mr. Moromashi against the cell doors with enough force to break his already broken ribs a second time, in which case, the officer tazed him a second time; apparently for his own humor. Mr. Moromashi was then dragged to another cell by his assaulting officer, with complete disregard for his well being, or injuries.

Mr. Moromashi’s bed mate, who was on scene during the first incident confirmed his story, and the presence of two additional female officers. “Oh yeah, I was there alright, and the two police women that were present did some pretty unnecessary stuff, like sending a dog on him when he had already stopped attacking…” She went on to add,  “And one of them randomly pointed a tazer at me, hell I was just trying to keep the place under control, it was supposed to be my shift.”

Mr. Moromashi’s legal representaive, provided by Muramasa Industries assures him that she will get to the truth and weed out the guilty parties involved. If the truth is to be found, the two guards that guarded Mr. Muromashi were a fantastic start. They were openly rude toward the three of us, and also disdainful toward Mr. Moromashi himself. While this Reporter is not permitted to repeat the words used to usher the three of us out of the ward, she can assure you, dear readers, that they were less than kind.

Is this a case of simple miscommunication, or something far more vile; teetering along the lines of racial discrimination and hate crimes? What will the people of Hathian do if the very people who are supposed to protect them from such things are the very ones committing them? How will other foreign citizens of Hathian, this reporter included, protect themselves from the same? Who will police the police? Only time will tell, and this reporter will do all in her power to bring the truth to light. This has been Aibhlinn Caine, with your Local Crime news.

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