Letter to the Editor: HGH following the example of the HPD?

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To quote one of the Observer’s previous posts “Do the Crime, do the the time.” That would sound simple enough. Basic enough to understand and I completely agree with it, however, recently, I have come to witness a situation where not only do the criminals get away with it, but the HPD sweeps crimes under the rug so to speak at the price of the local law abiding citizens.

I recently witnessed what could be considered a major incident. A man, driving a hot pink golf cart (seriously, hot pink golf cart) swerved to move out of the way of a parked police car only to over calculate, barely miss hitting a woman and crashing into the front door of the Clam across the street shattering glass and ruining the doorframe and surrounding glass. One would think that would be it but only a matter of minutes later while people were trying to check on the man to make sure he was all right, did another car come careening around the corner and ram into the back side of the golf cart. This driver just narrowly missed hitting the first woman and another innocent bystander. Luckily, no one was hurt except for the two driver’s of the vehicles. Soon after, as things started to calm down, I was appalled to hear the two drivers, who were obviously under the influence, identify themselves as doctors. These two persons who are suppose to be treating and patients and saving lives, carelessly throw not only theirs in the way of danger, but that of innocents as well? One of the doctors, later identified as Cayden (from the HPD officer himself), even mentioned that he was on his way to HGH, are these the kind of doctors that you want working on you? Intoxicated and possibly high? What is the administration of HGH smoking? Are we not to expect quality care from our doctors just like we are expecting from our HPD? How corrupt do you have to be to be able to work as a doctor in our fair city? Not only did they almost kill two people but they didn’t have to pay for their actions! Instead, when HPD arrived on scene, the officer threatened to arrest the two women who were almost hit by the intoxicated doctors, and let the doctors off scott free. Is this the road that HGH is heading down? Hiding their own corrupt actions behind the tarnished colours of the HPD?


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