HPD Captain Rages Over Assault

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Cops Deal Their Attackers A Brutal Justice
Capt. Andel and Officer Carr deliver a brutal justice on their attackers, using excessive force.

“You want to act like fucking animals? I’m going to treat you all like animals… starting now.” Captain Hendrich Andel let this statement loose as he fired his gun at two drunk female gang members on last Wednesday night who had wound the Captain and Officer Carr into an extreme rage after verbally abusing and assaulting the HPD force members.

Lauren Russo, a well known figure on the crime scene, was accompanied by her friend, (shown in picture above) and both proceeded to launch a verbal and physical attack upon the HPD, throwing rocks at the station headquarters, beer cans and yelling out derogatory comments aimed at the officers inside. Russo, 22, turned up at the HPD, completely drunk and wearing her wedding dress – her friend who accompanied her seemed sober and at first tried to dissaude Russo from her drunken actions, but later joined in with her friend, throwing rocks at the station and encouraging Russo when she jumped up on the squad car and urinated all over it. The identity of her friend is unclear but she might be identifed as a woman known as Kayla, as some eyewitnesses to the scene have suggested when questioned.

Russo urinates on squad car as Officer Carr reacts to the situation













Officer Carr appeared wearing civilian clothes – he appeared to be off duty – and was confronted by the girls, retreating into the station he returned with a water balloon and pepper spray, flung it at the girls and used the spray, provoking the girls who returned to throwing things and yelling abuse which brought Captain Andel out on the scene.  Russo, in full bridal wear, charged at Captain Andel and he brought out his baton, the beginning of a beat down by the cops upon the two women who retaliated and fought back, kicking and punching while the Captain used his baton to beat down the bride and her friend, assisted by Officer Carr. The scene quickly drew a small crowd of on-lookers who had been passing the station and a witness heard the Captain screaming out several threats while using the baton to subdue the two women. “This is not corruption you cunt! This is using force… my way!” This just one of several statements made by Capt. Andel who seemed to be taking a great deal of pleasure in delivering his own brand of justice on the women while Officer Carr seemed to be using less force but successfully subduing the drunk bride who he manged to knock down to the floor as her friend was being beaten by Captain Andel.

Captain Andel delivering a blow to Lauren Russo with his baton

The fighting intensified as the Captain became more and more enraged, with the women managing to get back up on their feet after being knocked down and running to hide behind the squad car. At this point Russo’s friend pulled out a knife and threw it at Captain Andel which missed, provoking him to draw out his gun. “Are you’re getting this shit? Good! Because I want every fuck in this city to know that if any of them even look at me the wrong way… They are fucking dead!” Capt. Andel was heard by the crowd of on-lookers issuing this threat as he approached the girls hiding behind the car who were now trying to escape the scene, realizing that things had taken a very bad turn.

“”You got me ok I’m fucking shot and bleeding here what more do you want?“a witness claimed to hear Lauren Russo shout out just before the captain turned his gun on them. Andel fired at both of them, the bullets hitting the bride, wounding her shoulder and possibly chest as well as wounding her friend in her stomach. They were then left to bleed while Officer Carr called the paramedics and had them taken to General Hospital in Hathian.

Captain Andel shoots Russo and her friend down, wounding both.

The incredibly violent fight that took place on Wednesday night was shocking in it’s sheer brutality as well as the end results. It seems that the HPD has a violent and pyschotic chief in command – stories of HPD brutality are well know throughout the city and recent stories have surfaced time and time again about the brutal treatment of the citizens at the hands of police – but this fight is a clear example of an abuse of power. The two women were ready to back down but Captain Andel seemed to be enjoying the violence, taking it farther then needed: “Back off? You’re the one who was running your mouth about how much you wanted to kill me! And now look at you…. crawling away like a fucking whipped dog!” There may have been abuse, rocks and an attempt by the women to assault the members of the HPD, but the HPD are armed with guns and are not defenseless. It is the opinion of this reporter that their job to deal with conflicts in a civilized and equitable manner – not to go over the top and beat members of Hathian into submission just because they have power to do so and get away with it. Maybe it is time to put the Captain in the spotlight and not let him get away any longer with his reign of brute force and terror on the citizen’s of Hathian. Until then we will continue to see abuses of power, with those in the highest command leading by example to those below.


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