WKRK Takes On New Managment, New Studio

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Hathian, LA — Hathian’s only radio station, WKRK, has hired new management in a move that eyes to restructure the station. Local resident Tommy Rutherford has taken on the Program Director role at WKRK. “I’m really excited to get to know the staff and launch a campaign to bring the station from worst to first”, Rutherford said. Along with hiring a new Program Director, the station has moved into new digs at a vacant warehouse adjacent to Columtreal University.

The new building has been remodeled to include a talk studio for on-air guests. The first guest to try out the new location was Hathian Police Captain Hendrich Andel, who gave a controversial interview discussing the current police strike. WKRK’s phone switch, only recently installed, was flooded. While a technical problem, Rutherford seemed thrilled, “It was us testing the waters to see what listeners want to hear and it’s pretty clear it was a success.” The station promises future shows of similar nature.

WKRK filled a temporary location in District 8 during the new studio’s construction, primarily to bring in new applicants. Citizens seeking to apply for positions at the station are encouraged to visit the District 8 location for an application. The new WKRK Studios are located in Black Bottom directly behind the Columtreal University campus store.


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