Hathian Bail Enforcement Agency Has Got Your Back

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Have you ever considered taking up a private case against a someone, yet other investigations have been closed?

Our agents are available to investigate cases to gather evidence for private prosecution. Our agents work closely with Hathian’s finest lawyers.

Husband or wife cheating, but you just can’t prove it?

Our agents are available to investigate your spouse and confirm or deny your deepest fears.

A friend or loved one disappear with out a trace?

Our agents are available and will work hard to find your loved one.

Got an item that needs secure delivery?
Need someone to protect you to an from an event or meeting?

Our Agents are available for personal security work.

Our Agents provide the best service available to our private clients because they are not salaried, because they -choose- the contract to work.

This means that you get the best results from the best agents for the lowest price.

Contact One of Our Agent Liaisons at Hathian Bail Enforcement Agency located in Hathian Civil Services.

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