Pawn Shop Pillaged

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Friday the 10th ended with a frightening and highly choreographed robbery at the 24 Hour Pawn shop on the south end of Hathian.

Sometime after seven at night, two unidentified people stormed the business, one of them, female, wielding a firearm before pointing it straight at the clerk’s face. Moment’s later, the second suspect, a male, broke the display case and took all the jewelry.

“I think it’s a shame that business owners such as my wife and myself try to bring the citizens of Hathian a reputable establishment, only to have our hard work and good will turned against us,” says Stu Canning, who runs the business along side his wife, Audrina.

Along with the typical things that would be stolen, electronics, movies, collectables, and jewelry, one startling thing was missing. Several handguns were also stolen during the incident, now leading anyone to assume that illegal firearms are flooding the streets of an already crime riddled city.

A screen shot of in store security footage shows the two suspects.

“We will work with the local law enforcement agencies to try and recover these stolen guns.  As for security, we will definitely be looking at implementing new measures to reduce the opportunity of this happening again,” assures Canning.

Though, even amidst the rather disturbing news of guns possibly reaching the criminals on the streets, a description of both suspects was obtained.

Both individuals were reported to have spoken with Asian accents, and facial features that the clerk was able to see suggests the suspects are of Asian decent.

The clerk was thankfully unharmed, although found gagged and bound when the Cannings arrived. The pair are still at large and anyone with information is urged to come forward.

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