Stuff it in your Pie Hole

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Ever wonder why it is no one answers that distant cry for help? How someone can ignore screams of terror or pain coming from just one street over? This was a concept that Dax Sabatella couldn’t figure out, but got a lesson on when he tried to help the manager of the Pie Hole restaurant Saturday afternoon from a crazy knife-wielding woman.

Mr. Sabatella explained that the attacker was going on about wanting money, threatening the Pie Hole manager with a knife. “I thought I’d help her out,” Sabatella was quoted as saying. “Be a nice guy, but it was thrown in my face.” After taking a wound to his side and a punch to the face, Sabatella relinquished custody of the attacker to the Hathian Police Department when they arrived on scene without so much as a word of thanks for his trouble. In fact, the man was threatened by the officer for having interfered.

Ironicly, immediately following the first attack, a second knife-wielding assailant tried to pull the same shennanigans at the Pie Hole as the first. After being chased out by an angry pizza-cutter wielding manager, business returned to normal in the local pizzeria. Or at least, as normal as exists in Hathian, Louisiana.

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