FDH vs HPD: The Battle of the Badges

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In an effort to give back to the community for all the backlash they’ve received over the recent weeks, the Hathian Police Department is hosting a blood drive to benefit the Hathian General Hospital.

From Sunday the 19th to Saturday the 25th, anyone that qualifies can donate a pint of blood, and upon doing so, vote for their favorite agency, police or fire. At the end of the week, the winner with the most votes wins.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, a police officer, a fire fighter, a normal citizen, or a criminal, everyone gets hurt, and they deserve the greatest care possible,” says Bliour Michaels, the HPD officer who first thought of the idea. “The worst thing that could happen is someone can’t get the help they need because their blood type isn’t available. This truly is something that will help everyone. So, no matter who you are, donate. You never know, It might be your own life that your saving.”

Not only does it help those in need by donating a live saving tool, but it helps the hospital save money, which can help in other areas of our local health care.

“It’s a great idea,” says the acting Chief of Medicine, Doctor James Matfield. “The hospital is always in need of blood, and it means we don’t have to rely on out of town blood banks and spend money that could be going to other things.”

Donation and voting will take place on the second floor of the hospital, near the nurses’ station. The department that wins earns nothing but friendly bragging rights, simply knowing that the town possibly favours them over the other.

((Please note that as you can only donate a pint of blood every 52 days in

the real world, that each person should only be voting once!))

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