Dangerous Criminal Holds HPD Officer Hostage at Diner

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Brutal crimes against the Hathian Police Department rise as a new incident occurred on late Friday afternoon at Slim Goodies Diner. Ellis Millet, a known criminal who has quite a few marks on his record, had attacked Detective Lieutenant Marcus Tinamou. When backup arrived due to a call to 911 by an innocent bystander, he held Tinamou hostage, threatening to slash his throat if they did not let him go. However, Detective Sergeant Sora Senizen, Captain Dax Carver, & Chief Hendrich Andel would not allow this to happen. They open fired on Millet when he would not back down. He was brought down by the HPD, but not before slicing Tinamou’s throat. The Detective Lieutenant and Millet himself are in the hospital and in stable condition. Ellis’ official charges are not known at this time, but one would hope that they are severe. To make matters worse, chaos ensued in the aftermath, and as a result two people attempted to attack an EMT, Shadoe Rhiadra-Kohime, on scene. One was arrested and another was shot. The names and charges of said criminals are not known at this time.

All this cop vs. robbers’ violence certainly leads one to wonder if the criminals of Hathian will handicap the swiftness of the action of the HPD for the innocent citizens victimized by rough criminals such as Ellis Millet. Will it get to the point where the criminals overturn the cops? Is there some underground conspiracy against the HPD amongst criminals? Or is it that the criminals are more ruthless than ever? Citizens beware; danger lurks in every corner in the city of Hathian. Please take the proper precautions to avoid becoming another victim to these heinous crimes. If they are so relentless to attack HPD officers and even EMTs, who work hard to save as many lives as possible in this godforsaken town, they will not hesitate to attack you next.


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