HPD Officers Engaged In … Love

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Officer O'Connor and Sergeant Macbain are caught in an alley.

Two Hathian Police Department officers, Sergeant Lilana Macbain and Officer Adam O’Connor have become engaged to be married, the Observer learned late two nights ago. O’Connor met Macbain when he was a physician at Hathian General and Sergeant Macbain was admitted to intensive care, following her assault by the Rejects, as readers may recall. The couple were two of three officers inside the cruiser which sped off the end of the pier last summer, and it could be the traumatic experience caused them to form a sense of kinship. Though often criticized for their cold-heartedness, these two members of the HPD seem to have found love, or at least lust, in each other.

The announcement of the couple’s engagement seems to put an end to rumours, which have circulated for years, suggesting that Sergeant Macbain was a homosexual.

No date for the wedding has been announced.

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