Sora Senizen; All Access! (Except for the Anus)

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In a candid interview with Sora Senizen, the detective exclusively tells the Hathian Observer about the rash of kidnappings and abductions that seem to plague the city night and day, and answers a few of our burning questions about the cases.

“There have been two known reports of missing individuals, but if those are related I can’t say,” Senizen explains about the victims. “Most of our information started coming forward with in the last few weeks, but there have been reports from people stating they were taken for months.”

Thankfully, the detective is at least armed with a mild description of who to look out for.

“It’s safe to assume its whoever these people are, those hooded pricks you see in the paper every now and again, are the ones behind this,” he reports. “Who they actually are, not sure. Just a new element in the city, but same story. We’re checking past gang records for those that have been known to partake in these sort of activities.”

This would lead anyone to believe that gangs, vigilante or otherwise, are slowly working their ways out of the gutters and slums once again, though still lurking in the shadows.

“Young woman are the ones that seem to be targeted,” Senizen reveals. “Most that we have found seem to be between eighteen to their early twenties, single, alone, the type that most people wouldn’t even notice are missing, or at least won’t notice til it’s too late.”

Of course, the detective has some very important advice for anyone that may fall into this description at all.

“I would advise all women to stay in well lit areas, don’t stay out late on their own, always be with someone that they can trust, put 911 on speed dial, and at the first sign of suspicious activity call the police,” he says.  “We would rather be called and have a false alarm then have more reports of missing individuals.”

Oddly enough, the police seem to be taking this very seriously. Odd, because the HPD is known for not coming to the cries for help the citizens make, and if they ever do, not making much of an effort to capture the criminals.

“We’ve enacted search warrants, put watch out on persons of interest, and they’re looking at charges like kidnap, sexual assault, abuse, and a few others.”

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