Fire Leaves Residents Homeless

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There was certainly a lack of Christmas spirit in the air on December 14th, when a fire erupted in an apartment building in District 8, leaving all the residents homeless when the inferno was finally put out.

Fire investigators claim that the blaze was started by faulty wiring in the elevator shaft, which made it much easier for the fire to spread through all the floors of the building given the easy access of the shaft.

“It was pretty messed up,” says tenant Errick Kraven, now homeless. “I went to work at Lou’s dreading going, but I was glad I did when I came home the fire department was there.”

In total, all five residents of the apartment building were left out on the street, including that of Austin Landesberg, who is a member of the Hathian General Hospital board of directors, and probationary EMT, Kayla Stephens.

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