Storm Batters Northeast

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For the last few weeks, a storm has been tormenting the north east shores of Canada and the United States with strange, almost unseasonal weather.

The unstable air mass, which first reported off the coast of St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada almost a week ago, is now steadily moving south along the shores of America after it battered fishing towns that need stable weather to make their living.

Canadian meteorologists say their coast received record amounts of rain, snow, and even hail, which was all accompanied by a few thunder and lightning storms and winds of up to 70 mph (112 kph), though even with this severe weather, no deaths have been reported. The Newfoundland coast guard also says that one swordfish fishing boat made a mayday call after rough seas brought them in contact with an iceberg, causing their hull to breach.

The storm, which is now located off the coast of North Carolina, has apparently started moving in land, according to our own local meteorologist, Wentworth the Weatherman, and is heading for Louisiana, and could make landfall sometime in the near future.

“Hathianites are no strangers to storms that cause flooding and even tornadoes, but I don’t foresee this storm causing as much damage as the one we had in 2010,” predicts Wentworth. “Though citizens should take precautions and buy supplies just so we don’t have the same fiasco surface.”

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