People against Rejects!

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Have you or a loved one been attacked by the Rejects or another gang here in town? Has your business saw a loss in profits due to gang activity? Are you tired of feeling safe and relying on a mysteriously quiet police force of late? If so, then it is time for us as a town to come together and finally take a stand! There will be a meeting arranged soon for those who want to lash out and get rid of this problem once and for all! Will be done in a town hall type environment so that everyone can put their ideas in and maybe we all can come up with a solution! It is time to get rid of the rejects that plague our streets and take back our town, whether the police want to help us or not! Contact 555-5555 (James Matfield’s prepaid cell phone) for information on meeting up! (This is just a storyline, not a really getting rid of the rejects btw. <3))

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